Interview on Radio RaBe

Stopping by Radio RaBe on July 15, 2023, for an Interview and live performance of Words Are Hard to Find (Interview in English):

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Album Promise of Spring

Contemplating and celebrating life ‚ÄstFinding a safe harbor in the storm ‚ÄstHope!

Beautiful arrangements, haunting melodies and profound lyrics about life with its highs and lows let this atmospheric album become what its name stands for: light at the end of the tunnel, bursting life, beauty from ashes – or just a promise of spring!




Promise of Spring Snippets


Colors of the Heart
Coffee in the Morning
Beauty from Ashes
I’m Done
Good Times
Heaven’s Breath
Harbor for my Soul
At the Lakeshore
Cherry Tree
Tears turned to Gold


Music News

New Single Colors of the Heart

September 1, 2016

Colors of the Heart Рthe 2nd single of my album  Promise of Spring Рis out now! Just click on listen / buy below. And if you pre-order the whole album now you get Colors of the Heart for free. If you like to hold the CD in you hands you will have to wait until November.

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Single Coffee in the Morning

June 15, 2016

Finally! The first single of my upcoming album is ready to be heard and downloaded. Just click on listen / buy  and you will be enjoying this musical Coffee in the Morning!.

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Coffee in the Morning

Juni 15, 2016

And here you can watch the video to Coffee in the Morning:



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