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Born in 1971 as the youngest of three, it seemed clear from the beginning that this kid liked to be heard! She knew how to use her voice way before her legs and entertained her neighborhood by belting out the wohle sunday-shool-repertoire. Learning to play the fllute and the violin were the next musical steps. But in her teenage years she discovered her true passion: singing. She trained her vocal cords for hours to the likes of Whitney Houston, Sandy Patti, Amy Grant, etc. By the age of 16 she was part of a musical-choir, played piano in church, sang her first solo-parts and started writing songs.

Over the next decade, much stage experience was gained as a singer in youth services as well as in a small but mighty gospel group. In addition, studio experience was gained on over 10 productions as a background singer. 2003-2007 the voice was shaped and formed with Esther Feingold in Bern. Then she started teaching herself. Since 2007 she has been working full-time as a singer and vocal coach. In addition, she has performed with Christmas Gospel Nights and the Powerhouse Company, as a background singer with the Bernese dialect band Grauhouz and as a soloist in various choir projects.

“When singing, I’m somehow totally me”

At the end of 2010 she enters the stage with an acoustic program. The trademark of her music is the expressive and varied voice Рwhether in original compositions or in the interpretation of well-known melodies. At the end of August 2012, her debut EP Beauty from Ashes was released with four original songs, produced by Chris Hess. Then at the end of 2016 followed the first full album Promise of Spring, produced by Lorenz Schaller. With a top-class band and now a total of 15 songs in the bag, the tour kicked off Рand also stopped by various radio stations for interviews and performances. Some still have the second single Colors of the Heart in rotation. In 2018, she graduated with flying colors from the MAS Pop/Rock course at the Bern University of the Arts.

At the beginning of 2023, after a longer phase focusing on other projects and further education, she was back in the studio for the production of another EP Movin‚Äô On which was released on November 3, 2023. This time Manuel Halter (Luca H√§nni, Boerni, Tracey Campbell, and many more) acts as producer. You can enjoy five deeply personal and moving songs dressed in atmospheric music which tie in with past productions yet still take you by surprise. The first single Words Are Hard to Find was released on July 14, 2023 and already has close to 30k streams on Spotify. The second single Fallin’ has managed to reach around 15k streams since its release date in late August. Both singles have also been put into rotation by various radio stations.

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