Music for your event

Together with my band – as a duo, trio or full band – we are happy to help create your unique event. We like to bring atmosphere to your corporate event, birthday party, wedding or funeral. Be it with our own songs and/or with well loved and known classics – with stage presence, charisma and my versatile vocals we light a firework you do not want to miss. Please contact me for further information or a specific offer.

Women of Substance Podcast

Beauty from Ashes (minute 15) and I’m done (minute 38) have been featured on the #1 award winning podcast Women of Substance on November 18:

Women of Substance Podcast, Episode #881

Harbour for my soul (minute 11) und Heaven’s Breath (Minute 40) have been featured on the #1 award winning podcast Women of Substance on October 28:

Women of Substance Podcast, Episode #871

Out now – Promise of Spring!

It is finally here – the long anticipated debut album Promise of Spring!

Contemplating and celebrating life – Finding a safe harbor in the storm –Hope!

Beautiful arrangements, haunting melodies and profound lyrics about life with its highs and lows let this atmospheric album become what its name stands for: light at the end of the tunnel, bursting life, beauty from ashes – or just a promise of spring!




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When you had #rehearsals until 10 p.m. and have to get up at 5.30 a.m. because you have soundcheck at 7 a.m.! #schlummertrunk #musicianlife #lovinit

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Dancing through life, between less and more, trying to find the Place where I‘m truly who I am. Because there lye priceless treasures that can‘t be bought. #blessed #wordsofwisdom #themessage

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Starting #2019 with some good #reading #material - and a cup of #coffee in a #christmas #mug! #beenupsince4a.m.! #weeklypoetrychallenge #simplyjesus #feedthecreativemind

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#HOPE is.... when the crucified and risen Prince of Peace tears open the heavens to show us what‘s beyond the curtain and bring heaven‘s shine to our human existence. Artwork by Manuel Dürr, #jahu #advent #prayerweek