Out now – Promise of Spring!

It is finally here – the long anticipated debut album Promise of Spring!

Contemplating and celebrating life – Finding a safe harbor in the storm –Hope!

Beautiful arrangements, haunting melodies and profound lyrics about life with its highs and lows let this atmospheric album become what its name stands for: light at the end of the tunnel, bursting life, beauty from ashes – or just a promise of spring!




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It is so official - I am done! Received a nice pre-birthday gift today 🍾 #MASPopRock #hkb #diploma

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#words #promiseofspring #track5 https://youtu.be/oI5u7RPffSI

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#wordsofwisdom for #tryingtimes

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New Gadget in da haus!! #rolandrd2000 Can‘t wait to start writing again #songwriterslife #inspiration